PalFleet Tiffin History


PalFleet Tiffin (Tiffin Loader Crane) began selling and installing articulating loader cranes in 1985. Articulating cranes, also known as knuckleboom cranes, were widely used in Europe where the technology was developed, but were relatively unknown in North America. PalFleet Tiffin helped pioneer the new technology by showing customers how to work safer and more productively with knuckleboom cranes.

As it grew, the company began adapting articulating crane technology to new applications. Rolling base cranes helped transportation companies become more productive by maximizing payload and minimizing loading and unloading time. Unique pole handling cranes allowed companies that distribute utility poles to operate more efficiently.

In 1991, PALFINGER appointed Tiffin Loader Crane as its exclusive dealer for Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and western Pennsylvania. A well established customer base and extensive knowledge of customer applications helped the company become PALFINGER’s largest independent dealer.

Tiffin Loader Crane was acquired by PALFINGER in 2000 to give the company a stronger presence in the U.S. market. The following year the company relocated to a new facility shared with PALFINGER’s US operations.

In 2010, PALFINGER North America acquired Omaha Standard, a manufacturer of utility service bodies and liftgate hoists.  Along with the manufacturing business came a factory owned distribution network in Birmingham, Charlotte, Council Bluffs, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, Dallas, and Atlanta which merged with Tiffin Loader Crane to create the new PalFleet distribution network.

The company offers the full range of PALFINGER cranes, truck mounted forklifts, and hooklift systems; all fully mounted, tested and ready to use. The company also manufactures a range of products for the scale test industry for calibrating and testing truck and rail scale systems. The company’s parts and service departments provide ongoing support to maximize the productivity of customers’ equipment. 

PalFleet Tiffin has been awarded NTEA VIP verified member status and employs individuals who have become accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) as Practical Examiners for Articulated Crane Operators.

PalFleet Tiffin is known for developing innovative solutions to customers’ material handling problems. From project inception to delivery and beyond, TLC works with its customers to provide equipment perfectly suited for the job. Customers range from owner-operators with one truck to fleets with hundreds of trucks in the field. The facility in Tiffin, Ohio offers ten drive-in shop bays, a complete machine shop, paint booth, engineering capabilities, and in-house and mobile service.

Our core business still remains in providing the highest quality lifting, loading, and handling solutions for your business.

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